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The Performer's Lab

For those committed performers and serial hobbyist wanting to dedicate more time to their performance goals.


Connect with other performers whilst getting hands-on experience performing in front of a supportive audience.

We are a bit different than other studios and work on the basis that in order to be a great performer you need to not only have the technical vocal skills, and storytelling chops,
AND you have to actually practice performing on a regular basis. 

  • 2 x 1:1 Lessons (50 min) per month, scheduled Fortnightly with flexibility. 

  • 1x Performance Opportunity/Master Classes per month online and/or in person

Your Investment: £199 per month

Drop in Lessons

Great for topping up before upcoming auditions, performances and/or speeches.


Ideal for Intermediate - Advanced performers needing flexibility. 

Your Investment: £90 for 50 minutes

Let's get acquainted.

First-time music or drama subject? Thinking about lessons? Have questions? Book your complimentary Chemistry Call now. 

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