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The name sounds ominous, doesn't it? You might ask…what exactly happens at The M.A.D. House? Will I be locked up in a straight jacket for all eternity? Or forced to listen to the song that never ends until my eardrums burst? Perhaps I'll lose my mind? Well, these are all great ideas for future experiments, but what happens at The M.A.D. House is much more straightforward.


Simply put: we are MAD about Music And Drama

Whether you want to learn how to sing, speak like a bard or harness your dramatic side, all the world's a stage. Whatever your addiction, anything is possible at The M.A.D. House. The MAD Scientist enthusiastically creates a safe, fun & artistic environment in which subjects can push their own boundaries, develop their skills and confidence, whilst exploring the wonderful world of theatre and music.

What makes us different?

The M.A.D. House, located in Glasgow, Scotland, is a performance-focused studio specialising in Voice & Musicianship, Auditions and Stagecraft, Public Speaking and Peak Performance Coaching.


We explore the various aspects of being a performer, starting with the basics of the technique and reading music. Together we will develop your unique singing and spoken voice, whether for the stage or a class speech or work presentation. We give you everything you need to nail your auditions, from choosing the best material to what you will wear on the day. To top it all off, we delve deep into your psyche to find out what makes you tick and how you can get your 'mental' performance into the best place possible. 

Many students join the studio to get help preparing for auditions, performances, solos, and other special events. Vocal repertoire covers a variety of styles, from classical and musical theater to jazz and pop.

What makes the MAD Scientist different from other teachers? Her experience and skills as a performer.

Helene has been on the other side of receiving feedback and is well-practiced in auditioning herself. She brings a unique sense of playfulness to her sessions and understands that performing is more than sounding or looking good. It is about expressing who you are through a medium that you love.

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