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Singing & Spoken Voice

Singing Lessons. Public Speaking Lessons.

Singing Lessons

Find the best version of your voice and polish your artistic identity.  


Whether you want to learn how to read music, strengthen your vocal technique, or ace an upcoming audition these lessons are a great place to start!  

The MAD house specialises in Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, and Classical genres.

Performers The MAD House Studio Drama Lessons Glasgow

Spoken Voice & Drama Lessons

Improve and enhance the quality of your unique spoken voice.

Whether you want to develop your acting technique, strengthen your natural speaking voice or nail an important speech these lessons will help you present the best, most authentic version of yourself when speaking in public. ​

Pricing - Singing & Spoken Voice

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£180 per month

Elite Coaching Program

Are you just starting out on your vocal journey? Dipping your toes into the world of performing? Our program is ideal for beginner singers who want a faster-paced approach to developing their voice. ​ What You Receive: - 34 personalized 45-minute sessions over 12 months, scheduled weekly with flexibility. - Personalized Performance Coaching to optimize your performances and foster a resilient performer's mindset. - Opportunities to showcase your talent in student performances. - Access to studio workshops and masterclasses. - A singing essentials kit to keep your voice in top shape. Program Benefits: Enhanced vocal technique: Master the art of efficient vocal usage. Expanded vocal range: Sing higher and lower notes effortlessly. Insight into your instrument: Develop a discerning ear and make necessary adjustments. Vocal health preservation: Learn techniques to safeguard your voice. Heightened confidence in your singing and speaking abilities. Ready to commit to your performance goals? Our Elite Coaching Program awaits. Enroll today and witness your progress firsthand! Investment: £2160 for 12 months Payment plan: £180 per month

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

£200 per month

The Performers Playground

Are you a dedicated performer seeking to elevate your singing skills to new heights? Our Performer's Playground Program is tailor-made for individuals like you. With fortnightly coaching sessions and monthly performance platforms, you'll witness noticeable improvements in no time. Designed for seasoned performers aiming to refine their craft, our fortnightly lessons offer unparalleled opportunities for growth. What's Included: - 12 personalized 60-minute sessions, scheduled fortnightly for optimal flexibility. - Monthly showcases for performance enhancement. Key Benefits of the Program: Enhanced Vocal Technique: Master the art of utilizing your voice with precision and efficiency. Deeper Instrumental Understanding: Develop a keen ear for your voice and adapt accordingly. Improved Vocal Health: Learn techniques to safeguard your voice and prevent injury. Heightened Confidence: Build unwavering assurance in your singing and speaking abilities. Ready to commit to your performance aspirations? Our Performer's Playground awaits. Enroll today! Investment: £1200 for 6 months Payment Plan: £200 per month

Image by Damir Kopezhanov

£65 per session

Drop - in


Need a quick fix? Have an upcoming audition/call back or gig and need some TLC? Great for topping up before upcoming auditions, performances and/or speeches. Ideal for Intermediate - Advanced performers needing flexibility.  ​ Your Investment: £65 for 60 minutes

Let's get acquainted.

Are you new to the studio? Considering lessons or coaching? Schedule your complimentary Chemistry Call today, and let's answer your questions and set you on the path to unleashing your performance potential!

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